All griffins go through several stages before they are fully mature. The amount of time it takes for a griffin to grow up varies, but is around five days and never more than a week.


All chicks are the same color as their eyes when they mature (oilspill eye color is sometimes called "dark brown" but still matches the black chick). Rainbow griffins are always the same color as their eyes and eggs, but you still will not know the shade at this stage.
  • Blue Chick
  • Purple Chick
  • Red Chick
  • Cyan (Teal) Chick
  • Gold Chick
  • Orange Chick
  • Green Chick
  • Bronze Chick
  • Black Chick


Owners should pay a lot of attention to the cub stage. Sometimes it will tell you things the adult look doesn't! 


Each shade has a corresponding cub color. This is important in predicting rainbow looks, because they do not show shade in the egg stage.

  • PURE Shade Cub
  • FADE Shade Cub
  • BRIGHT Shade Cub
  • CREAM Shade Cub
  • WHITE cub with Black Gene and Pattern
  • Solid cub
  • Patterned cub
  • Fairbellied cub
  • Cub With the Black Gene


Pattern can be determined by the phenotype symbol on the griffin's pedigree. Cubs who will have patterns have white spots at this stage.


Griffins with fairbelly will first show it at this stage.

Black GeneEdit

Cubs with the black gene have darker wing tips. White and rainbow griffins don't always show the black gene as adults, so the cub stage is a great way to tell if your griffin has it.